Living God’s Adventures!

Children are not only the next generation, but the now generation. Here at Higher Vision Kids, we desire for every kid to live God’s adventures, and in doing so they find God’s vision for their life! We believe in empowering kids to authentically follow Jesus, and come alongside families in the process.

Every kid is asked two questions when they are picked up for the day:

  1. Did you have fun?
  2. What did you learn?

At Higher Vision Kids, we want the answer to be, “Yes, I had fun!”, and then proceed to share all they learned. Our dedicated Early Childhood and Elementary Circle Leaders have a key role in helping our kids live God’s adventures! Together, we filter what we do through some questions: Is this fun? Is this safe physically, mentally, and spiritually? Does this relevantly apply to a kid’s life? Where and how can we be relational? Is this creative and how much more creative can we get?

Weekend Services

Higher Vision Kids is up and running during every regular weekend service!

Early Childhood:  Nursery – Kindergarten

Elementary:  1st – 6th Grade

Champions Club

Our special needs ministry, Champions Club, is specifically designed to minister to and include each kid where they are developmentally through spiritual, intellectual, and physical interaction.

We provide kids with special needs the opportunity to engage in the Champions Club classroom with specialized curriculum or a mainstream classroom with the support of a one-on-one. In addition, a sensory room is available for times of relaxation.

We strive to be inclusive in all our activities and advocate on behalf of our families.

Champions Club is currently available during both the second and third weekend services.


The Ambassador Program is for 5th and 6th graders who feel a call to leadership. Jesus is the ultimate leader – a true servant leader. We, as followers of Christ, are servants first, and lead through our serving. To be an Ambassador, 5th and 6th graders who are interested must apply and go through an interview process. Applications will be available mid-August.


When Circles are in session, Higher Vision Kids provides Childcare for

Nursery – Kindergarten on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, and

Nursery – 6th Grade on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

This is not a “babysitting” time, but rather a time for kids to continue learning about God and going deeper in Him. We have intentional childcare with a purpose.

 Contact Us

HV Kids:  hvkids@highervisionchurch.com

Champions Club:  championsclub@highervisionchurch.com

Heidi Krouzian – First Impressions Director:  heidi@highervisionchurch.com

Jael Liko – Interim Children’s Pastor:  jliko@highervisionchurch.com

Justice Ming – Communications Director: justice.ming@highervisionchurch.com

Lisa Ruiz – Childcare Director:  childcare@highervisionchurch.com




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