Higher Vision cares about you. Here you will find different ministries and groups that were intentionally made with you in mind, whether you are struggling and in need of prayer, support groups, or just someone to talk to, we are here for you.


Pastoral Support / Pastor of the Day (P.O.D).

Becky Lewis | blewis@highervisionchurch.com

Celebrate Freedom 

Emily Butler (661-295-6642 | ebutler@highervisionchurch.com

Prayer Ministry 

Service Teams

Prayer Chain

Intercessory Prayer

War Room Prayer

Joe Jacques | jjacques@highervisionchurch.com

Hospital Visitation / Residential Care

Chip Graves | cgraves@highervisionchurch.com

Grief Share 

Benevolence Support

Chip Graves|661-295-6642 | cgraves@highervisionchurch.com

Funeral Support

Tre Foor|661-295-6642 | funerals@highervisionchurch.com