• JR’s Story

  • What is Revival?

  • Clint & Jessie

    Starting by listening to a simple Podcast, a story of Christ’s redemption and unity unfolds.

    Clint and Jessie began attending Higher Vision years ago while their marriage was in a difficult position. Through finding the sermons online of Higher Vision, they found Christ and began growing together in community. After serving in various capacities, Clint and Jessie felt God calling them to their next step of leadership and attending the leadership programs at Higher Vision. In it all, they now are in the beginnings of Higher Vision Blythe.

    We are thankful for Christ who found Clint and Jessie where they were.

  • Marci

    I just want to feel like normal people.

    Many of us have been there. Dealing with persistent depression, Marci was in a place of feeling hopeless with difficulty to continue in life. Together, our women’s ministry at Higher Vision prayed with Marci. The joy that only Christ can give came through an earthly medium, community. From there, the 10 years of depression left Marci and she is thankful for the community she found here at Higher Vision. But more than this, she is thankful for the joy she discovered through Christ.

  • Joel

    From prison to growing in community seeing Jesus and His Grace all of the way through.

    The grace of God. We do our best to describe and put into words how great it is. However, stories like Joel’s put it into full action.  After developing community from one of the circles at Higher Vision which visit local prisons in the Santa Clarita Valley, Joel found Christ and the love that only He can give.

  • Alex & Lorena

    It’s amazing what God can do in just 6 short years.

    Commissioned and sent out to be full time missionaries in the Czhech Republic, Alex and Lorena developed their leadership through our program. God has exceeded their expectations, prayers, beliefs, and what they started out with.